About the Company

Компания «АФТ груп»


AFT Group was founded in 2007. Main goal of the company is to be a leader in the supply of technological equipment, manufacturing of metal products, as well as in the development of industrial complexes for the production of finished metal products. In the same year TM «AFT Group» was established.

In 2008 the company AFT Industrial was created and became part of the AFT Group. AFT Industrial is focused on supply of metal working machinery and equipment.

Same year the company SRL SISTEME ANALITICE SI UTILAJ (Moldova) joined AFT Group, its main goal is the supply of metal working machinery and equipment to Moldova.

In 2009 a wholly owned subsidiary AFT Steelmade was founded, and it combines all of the production power of AFT Group.
To date, all companies of the group joined the AFT Holding EU with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia.

The company employs more than 60 professionals. The group's annual turnover is more than $3 million.


AFT Holding EU annually participates in specialized exhibitions in Ukraine, Turkey and European Union. Besides that our company organizes seminars, conferences and training sessions for employees and customers.

Active participant of following exhibitions: Euroblech(Hannover, Germany), WIN Eurasia(Istanbul, Turkey), International Industrial Forum(Kiev, Ukraine), Mechanical Engineering. Metalworking (Kharkov, Ukraine), ELCOM(Kiev, Ukraine), MashProm(Dnipro, Ukraine) and others.