Service and maintenance of manual stud welding systems for CD and ARC processes

AFT Group took part in training from HBS Bolzenschweiss-Systeme GmbH Co. KG (Dachau / Germany) on the topic "Service and maintenance of manual stud welding systems for CD and ARC* processes from 10 to 11 July.

The content of the two-day training included the following topics:


  • Typical errors: the causes and options for their solution;
  • Safety measures for working with welding current sources and components.

HBS Technologies

  • Stud welding units: CDi 1502, IT 1002;
  • Stud welding guns: A 12, C 08, CA 08, C 06-3

Overview and comparison of new stud welding systems

Service engineers of AFT Group received a certificate of passing the course on service of the welding units and components that allows servicing and repairing equipment in accordance with the course and instructions from HBS.

AFT Group would like to express gratitude to HBS Bolzenschweiss-Systeme GmbH Co. KG, especially representatives of HBS: Heinz Steger (sales manager) and Uwe Mitter (service engineer), for their participation, as well as the ability of the AFT Group to constantly improve their skills in working with sheet metal processing equipment.

* CD - condenser discharge welding

  ARC - arc welding of fasteners